Yard Life Festival

Music and Arts Festival

April 19 & 20, 2014

Angel, London

All profits to MS Research

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About Yard Life

Yard Life was created for two reasons, firstly to raise money and awareness for a charity that’s very close to our hearts – MS Research and secondly to provide a platform for all the incredibly exciting new musicians and DJ’s out there who we really love. They excite us so much we want everyone to know about them!

Yard Life is run completely by volunteers and all the artists have kindly waived their fee to donate to MS Research. Coming to Yard Life could just be the best thing you will do in 2014. Come discover all the new London talent as well as doing a slice of good to raise money for charity – double points!


Saturday 19 April

Sunday 20 April

and the Yard Life DJ’s

We are insanely passionate about music and we’ve spent a long time at gigs and festivals discovering the most exciting new bands & DJ’s out there to bring to you at Yard Life. If that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in a few more established acts to top off your night.

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Some of you may know, last year we had our fair share of problems with venues – well not anymore! Fate bought us to Islington Metal Works earlier in 2013 and after several long discussions with the lovely owner, Bernadette, we just knew it was meant to be!

Bernadette has been running the place for over 30 years so she knew straight away what we wanted. Islington Metal Works is of epic proportions and there are fantastic things to be discovered behind every corner! For information on how to get there, head to the info page.

Why MS Research?

Yard Life was created in memory of my father, Stephen Lloyd, who passed away in 2006 after suffering with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis for over 10 years. It is a terrible degenerating disease that left him unable to walk, talk, eat or do anything for himself. It was beyond heart-breaking to see this happen to an incredibly proud, active and great man. He was a huge music fan and I just know he would’ve loved Yard Life. So this is for you Dad!

MS Research Training and Education is a charity dedicated to furthering the understanding of MS and developing better treatments. Each year thousands of young people are diagnosed with MS. In the UK, it is one of the most common causes of disability affecting young people. Research into stem cell technologies for nerve protection and repair is vital to develop systems in order to deliver treatment to precisely the right site. But science alone is not enough. They also need to ensure that the information they share about MS is used for the benefit of everyone. Education and training opportunities enable MS professionals to communicate better, leading to improved knowledge and progress.

For more information about the charity and the disease, take a look at the MS Research website.


Weekend ticket £35 & day tickets available too, all via Eventbrite.

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In buying a ticket, you will be helping us raise (hopefully!) lots of money for the great cause. If you don’t want a ticket (are you mad?), well that’s ok, you can still donate money to MS Research here. Thanks.


Can’t wait till the main event? Come along to one of our nights on the run up to the festival!

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We will always reply to you but as we are a super small team it might not always be straight away, so please bear with us.

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